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Meet with a Surgical Specialist in Portland, Oregon

Each oral and maxillofacial surgeon or otolaryngologist at Head and Neck Surgical Associates provides patients from Portland, Oregon and across the Northwest with the latest surgical procedures and techniques. Our practice is comprised of board-certified dentists and physicians dedicated to the highest standards of patient care.

Bryce E. Potter, M.D., D.M.D., F.A.C.S.

Bryce PotterDr. Potter, an Oregon native, is board certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology, is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and is a trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon serving patients from Portland, Oregon and across the Northwest. At the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Potter completed both his otolaryngology and oral and maxillofacial residencies. He is now Chief of Maxillofacial Trauma at Portland, Oregon’s Legacy Emanuel Hospital. He holds a dental degree from the University of Oregon and a medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine.

As an otolaryngology and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Potter has practiced in the Portland, Oregon area for over 20 years. He is the founding partner of Head and Neck Surgical Associates, as well as Columbia Otolaryngology Group Incorporated (COGI). Dr. Potter serves on the board of directors for Trauma Specialists, Inc., a multidisciplinary group of trauma surgeons. His dental practice includes the removal of wisdom teeth, and the placement of dental implants. His medical practice includes head and neck cancer surgery, head and facial trauma surgery, orthognathic surgery, facial reconstruction, the management of temporomandibular joint disorders, facial cosmetic surgery and complete body liposuction. Dr. Potter is a Clinical Professor at Oregon Health & Science University and is active in resident and fellow education.

Dr. Potter enjoys hunting, fishing, global travel, golfing, and spending time with his wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

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Eric J. Dierks, M.D., D.M.D., F.A.C.S.

eric dierksDr. Eric Dierks was a full-time medical school faculty member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas before moving to Portland to join Dr. Potter to form the Head and Neck Surgical Associates (HNSA). He received his medical and dental degrees from the University of Louisville and completed his residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Christiana Medical Center of Delaware and his otolaryngology/head and neck surgery residency at U.T. Southwestern (Parkland Memorial Hospital). He is one of about a dozen American surgeons who are board-certified in otolaryngology as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery.

His surgical practice focuses on what he calls “the 4 T’s”:

TUMOR: Dr. Dierks’ career has focused upon advancing the surgical treatment of cancer and benign tumors of the mouth, throat, face, sinuses, salivary glands and other sites within the head and neck, as well as associated reconstructive surgery. He is an innovator of several of the surgical techniques that are in general use today. He was among the first surgeons on the west coast to use the surgical robot to remove cancer from the mouth and throat. He is a recognized expert in minimally invasive surgery of the parotid and other salivary glands.

TRAUMA: Along with the other surgeons of the HNSA, Dr. Dierks is actively involved in the highly acclaimed Level I trauma program at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and also frequently receives craniomaxillofacial trauma patients in transfer from other hospitals, both regionally and from afar. He also performs a significant amount of secondary reconstructive surgery on trauma patients. He is frequently consulted regarding facial injuries among local and regional professional athletes.

TITANIUM: Dr. Dierks is internationally known for his innovative use of dental implants for complex oral and facial defects. He works with dentists and prosthodontists throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond to achieve successful and cost-effective dental implant rehabilitation for his patients. In addition to routine implants, he is frequently referred patients for zygomatic implants and for other complex implant cases.

TEETH: Dr. Dierks is actively involved in the practice of general oral surgery including wisdom tooth removal under IV general anesthesia. The design of the HNSA facility and the expertise of its staff make it the safest environment for this type of outpatient surgery. It is no surprise that many regional physicians and dentists turn to the HNSA for the oral surgical care of their family members.

Of course, Dr. Dierks is involved in many other areas of surgery besides the 4 T’s, including primary and secondary cleft lip/palate surgery and reconstructive surgery of the trachea.
Like the other surgeons of the HNSA, Dr. Dierks is actively involved in the training of fellows in head and neck oncologic surgery, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery residents from Oregon Health & Science University and the University of Washington. Dr. Dierks has lectured nationally and internationally and has been invited to teach surgery in India, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. In addition to providing outstanding service to his patients from the Portland area, he regularly sees patients that travel from other parts of North America and beyond. Dr. Dierks has published over one hundred scientific papers and textbook chapters. He has been interviewed on numerous American and foreign television programs including 20/20, Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, The Rachael Ray Show, 60 Minutes Australia, RTL German News Television and Japanese news TV. He is frequently listed in Portland Monthly Magazine’s annual “Top Docs” dental issue in oral and maxillofacial surgery and in its medical issue in otolaryngology.

Before he was a doctor, Eric Dierks worked his way through college as an auto mechanic, and he still turns a wrench from time to time on his old cars. He remains interested in automotive design and technology. He is married and has a grown daughter and a teenage son.

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R. Bryan Bell, M.D., D.D.S., F.A.C.S.

R. Bryan BellDr. Bell, a Texas native, is trained in head and neck surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is a board-certified surgeon serving patients from Portland, Oregon and elsewhere across the Northwest United States. Educated in the European tradition of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Bell holds a dental degree from Creighton University and a medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His surgical residency was also completed at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He subsequently completed specialized fellowships in head and neck surgical oncology, as well as craniomaxillofacial trauma at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Bell’s clinical interests are focused upon head and neck oncologic (cancer) surgery, cranio-maxillofacial trauma surgery, and orthognathic and reconstructive jaw surgery. Dr. Bell is currently Medical Director of the Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Program and Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon. The Providence Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Program offers care for patients with benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity, tongue, pharynx, larynx thyroid and skull-base. Dr. Bell oversees a multidisciplinary treatment team of oncologists, radiologists, dentists, nurses, speech pathologists, audiologists, nutritionists and social workers to provide optimal tumor control and maximal functional and aesthetic outcomes to patients.

Dr. Bell is also Attending Surgeon on the Trauma/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, a Level 1 Trauma Center, in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Bell and his colleagues from the Head and Neck Surgical Associates provide all of the head and neck/cranio-maxillofacial surgery services at Legacy Emanuel and are part of a larger multidisciplinary group of trauma specialists that serve Oregon and Southwest Washington’s most severely injured patients.

Dr. Bell holds academic appointments as Affiliate Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University and the University of Washington, and is actively involved in resident and fellow education and clinical research. His current research endeavors center around outcomes for head and neck cancer therapy and cranio-maxillofacial trauma, sentinel lymph node biopsy for oral cancer, and the use of computer planning and intraoperative navigation in head and neck and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. His work has been published more than 70 scientific articles and textbook chapters on various subjects of interest. Dr. Bell has lectured extensively to national and international audiences, highlighting his clinical expertise in head and neck cancer and reconstructive surgery, orthognathic surgery, and craniomaxillofacial trauma. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, music, golf, fishing, and scuba diving.

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R. Sterling Hodgson, MD

R. Sterling HodgsonDr. Hodgson, a native Oregonian, is a physician and surgeon practicing otology, neurotology, and surgery. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Oregon State University in 1979 and is a second-generation otolaryngologist. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Hodgson attended Oregon Health Sciences University to receive his M.D. in 1983. He completed a general surgery internship at Michigan State, then returned for residency training at OHSU which he completed in 1988. In 1989, he received sub-specialty fellowship training in otology, neurotology, and skull base surgery with the Portland Ear Medical Group.

Dr. Hodgson has been in private practice as a neurotologist since 1989. As such, he limits his practice to the diagnosis and management of disorders that affect the ear, its surrounding structures, and their relationship to the brain. This includes medical and surgical treatments for disorders affecting hearing and balance, facial paralysis, management of chronic ear disease, infections and tumor growths of the skull base. In keeping with state-of-the-art care, Dr. Hodgson is also trained in implantable hearing technologies such as cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing appliances (or BAHA). His office also offers full service hearing aid fittings by a licensed and certified audiologist.

Dr. Hodgson is board certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology. His professional society memberships include the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, the American Medical Association, the Oregon Medical Association, the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland and the North American Skull Base Society. He has been the otologist for the craniofacial disorders clinic at Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital for over ten years. This is a volunteer position serving children with cleft lip and palate, as well as other genetic disorders involving the head and neck.

In his free time, Dr. Hodgson enjoys a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities with his wife and two sons. An avid “soccer dad”, he enjoys going to his sons’ games and tournaments.

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James P. Cuyler, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.

James CuylerDr. Cuyler was born and brought up in Canada. He attended medical school at the University of Alberta in Canada and, after becoming Board Certified in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery in both Canada and the United States, did specialty training in pediatric otolaryngology at Pittsburgh University. He then did fellowship training in pediatric airway problems in Sydney, Australia. He returned to the University of Alberta as associate professor of otolaryngology and director of residency training for 10 years before relocating to Portland in 1993.

In his pediatric otolaryngology and head and neck surgery practice, Dr. Cuyler sees children from birth to the age of 18. The scope of his practice includes the management of ear, sinus and throat infections, and breathing and snoring problems. Dr. Cuyler regularly inserts ear tubes, and performs tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies. He performs surgery on childhood head and neck tumors, and congenital malformations, including prominent ears.

Dr. Cuyler is the chairman of the Division of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery for Legacy Portland Hospitals and the pediatric consultant for otolaryngology at Providence St. Vincent Hospital.

Dr. Cuyler is married and has five children. He enjoys golf, car racing, and travel.

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Tuan G. Bui, M.D., D.M.D.

Tuan BuiDr. Tuan Bui was raised in Montreal, Canada. He received his MD from The University of Western Ontario in 1998 and his DMD from McGill University in 2001. He then completed his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency training at the Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital program. After having completed his residency, Dr. Bui practiced several years in an oral surgery office in New York. In 2009, he came to Portland, Oregon to begin the Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncologic and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery, which he completed in 2011. He is board-certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

His clinical practice will focus on head and neck surgical oncology, microvascular reconstructive surgery, cranio-maxillofacial trauma and office based oral surgery. He is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese.

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Raiya Shamray, Medical Esthetician

Raiya ShamrayRaiya Shamray, our licensed medical esthetician, provides skin care services for Futures Cosmetic Surgical Center. Raiya is the primary information consultant for those calling in to inquire about both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures. For cosmetic patients, Futures Surgical Center offers a complimentary skin care evaluation with Raiya. Her esthetician services include the provision of skin care, skin care products (including Obagi® and Celex-C™), microdermabrasion, skin peels (including glycolic acid and Obagi® blue peel treatments), and vitamin C facials. Anyone interested in rejuvenating and maintaining a youthful look will benefit from Raiya’s services.

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